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Without a doubt, the highlight of my career.


I was just watching a video and noticed this genius website. Naturally, I decided I could make one even better.

Phcd3 ezgif

My mom is a Hostess for Princess House, a kitchenware distributer. She sells kitchenware. She asked me to help her out because she is constantly looking up the shipping cost and calculating the taxes and total. She justs wants to be able to enter any price and the page to tell her the rest. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Princess House Calculator.

Thanks to already having some of the code in other projects, I was able to put this together in one day. However, there's no real need to have Rails here. It's one page. No database. Just JavaScript. But hey, it works.

Pueblo menu 2018 ezgif

A strategic planning app created for El Pueblo. Options are presented in a menu format with variable prices. Each person has a spending limit of $100. Results and other information are displayed in a simple and elegant format.

This project was a part of a bigger User Interface. I built the meat of the project that is the rails app, while two others handled translation and static pages. Front pages like the Welcome page and the FAQ page were not part of the rails app and cannot be found here.